Brittany Borders' Photography

Brittany Borders’ Photography is proud to offer digital images of competitors from the 

tournaments Dragon’s Dojo competes in. The prices are as follows: 


1 Digital Image: $10  

3 Digital Images: $20  

5 Digital Images: $45 

If you would like to guarantee that I photograph your competitor, please purchase the Tournament Package and I will make a point to photograph them. Otherwise, I will shoot as many competitors as possible, but please understand there is a chance I may miss your child’s matches. 

Tournament Package:  

7-10 Digital Images: $85 

I will do my best to get as many quality photos of your competitor as possible, but as with any sporting event, there is no way to guarantee that I will be able to get a particular number of photos.  If I can’t get at least 5 quality images, we will discuss new pricing at that time. 

Please contact me, Brittany, at:  785-375-3769 to discuss your photographic needs.